Introducing Winnipeg Sports Talk

Andrew Paterson here.

I’m very excited to announce the launch of the Winnipeg Sports Talk content feed which includes a YouTube channel and podcast. This will begin with our flagship show “Winnipeg Sports Talk Daily with Hustler & Remis” debuting on Monday, March 8.

The show will air live on our YouTube channel at 1pm. It can be re-watched there and will be available on our podcast feeds by 3pm.

I’m looking forward to working with Michael Remis again and chat about the Jets, the Bombers and the stories that are important to Winnipeg sports fans. Of course the show will also include topics on betting and fantasy sports.

Most importantly I can’t wait to have a lot of fun and connect with you the listener in a new medium.

I want to thank some people who were able to make this happen:

Trevor Nott of Nott Autocorp

Nick & Nikki Hagidiakow from Dairy Queen Group

Gerald and Greg at Royal Sports

Andrew Shefchyk at Boston Pizza

We need help in spreading the word. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and subscribe to your preferred the podcast platform [Spotify, iTunes, Google, Stitcher] so the first episode will be pushed to your device on Monday afternoon.

Follow our social media channels on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok at @SportsTalkWPG

We really appreciate everyone’s support. I cannot wait to get back at it starting on Monday with Winnipeg Sports Talk.

Let’s go!

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